About Me

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." - Rob Siltanen

I’m a sophomore undergraduate at Western University looking to pursue a degree in Software Engineering and Business. I’m an avid public speaker and have a strong passion for machine learning techniques, (quantitative) finance, and entrepreneurship.

I'm currently at Google building machine learning models on the Ads team as a Software Engineering Intern. I'm also involved in building algorithmic trading solutions for Mustang Capital, using reinforcement learning for acoustic metamaterial research, and performing due diligence & approving investments for a Canadian Venture Capital firm. In the past, I've pitched my ML startup to thousands at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, placing Top 10 Worldwide.

In my free time I enjoy: playing & watching soccer, following developments in space travel, reading papers on war history, taking to the air in a Cessna 172, urban exploration, and driving performance vehicles.

An Outdated List of Projects

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Python & AWS

ourBlock aims to revolutionize crime reporting by empowering the community and leveraging real-time data sharing. Built AWS Lambda serverless backend, NLP classifiers, & ethereum distributed storages.


Jupyter Notebook

Phormatics is an AI cloud computing platform built from scratch using a deep convolutional neural net to perform feature extraction for confidence maps to critique workout form & count repetitions.

Battle Tetromino


A spin on the classic tetris game. Machine player trained with a genetic algorithm and mutation operator using supervised heuristic optimization. Used low latency optimizer for web socket connection.


Node JS & Python

Jobalytics is a Node web app that helps users tailor their resume to any job posting. Used transfer learning to adjust a Word2Vec model to identify and cluster keywords based off word morphology.

Neural Network


Neural Network built from scratch with matrix backpropagation. Contains the Tanh, Sigmoid, and ReLU activation functions. Implemented the cross-entropy loss function to vastly improve learning rate.



1990's style GUI chatroom using Java Swing. Implemented a custom data association for user profiles and messages. Used a prioritized message queue management system for server to client communication.

Chemical Balancer


Chemical equation balancer & stoichiometry calculator. Implemented Gauss-Jordan elimination to produce reduced row echelon form of augmented matrices created via rule-based parsing algorithm.



Battleship game that allows for local multiplayer and human vs machine modes. Machine implements a rule-based enumeration algorithm to find the convex-optimal solution to the game board.


Python & Physics

Hack the North Champions. Used triangulation, multiplexing, kalman filtering, pulse-code modulation, & fast fourier transforms to pinpoint location with a high frequency sound wave methodology.